I Can Reduce Your Knee, Hip and Back Pain 
By Showing You How To Walk 27 Steps!

Hey there, my name is Jonathan Bender and if you have aches and pains in your knees, hips or back… Today… I’m gonna show you how to get rid of all of that just by walking 27 steps! Yes…

You’ll learn how to get rid of your knee, hip and back pain… by walking just 27 steps! And the best part is… 

The pain relieving technique that you’re about to learn works on men and women of all ages… it doesn’t matter who you are… if you have knee, hip or back pain, you’ll be able to get rid of it today! How do I know this? Well…

I’m 7 feet tall. And… while this height allowed me to be one of the most sought after up and coming players in the NBA… 

It also caused a ton of pain in my knees and the rest of my body. Even worse…

After 3 years in the NBA, I experienced what my manager, doctors and trainers call a “career ending injury” that ended up pushing me out of the NBA. But the good news is…
I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to solve the pain issues I was having and against everything that my manager, doctors and trainers told me… 

I ended up becoming completely pain free! Even more…

After fixing the pain I had and strengthening my knees, hips and back… I went back to the NBA for 2 more seasons before I decided to quit and work on something bigger! That thing…

Is helping normal people, just like you to become pain free in your knees, hips and back by walking just 27 steps!

Sounds like a pretty big promise? Well I can back it up.

After all… chances are, your knee, hip, and back pain has been significantly reducing your quality of life – making it difficult to participate in the activities you used to enjoy. 

Maybe it’s caused you to gain a ton of unwanted weight, which can make problems worse. 

Or maybe you’re facing a surgery that you would love to avoid. After all…

Every doctor I originally went to just wanted to cut me open. But there is a better way! You see…

It hurts me to know that you’re possibly missing out on your kids or grandkids childhood activities because you’re in pain and your mobility has taken a hit. So… 

"I guarantee you, if you read this page till the end you’ll learn exactly how to decrease your knee and back pain by 50% or more within your first 27 steps".
Ya see, I used to be just like you...it all started when I was 14 years old, I experienced a painful growth spurt of 6 inches in 4 months. 

Because of that growth I begin to place a lot more pressure directly on the cartilage within my knees.

And because of the pain I was constantly at the doctor's office, but with every visit he would tell my mother and I the same thing...“ oh don’t worry it’s only growing pains”

My knees would swell as large as grapefruits on a weekly basis. I can still remember the pain when the doctor would stick that 6 inch needle directly into my knee and pull all of that fluid out.

I would cry from the pain while looking at my mother and asking….why is this happening to me?

After my tenth shot or so … the needles begin to be a part of my life and I didn’t cry anymore.
"I was so used to getting shots in my knees that I became numb to the pain.." 
Years later I experienced my childhood dream...I was drafted into the NBA in the first round and selected 5th.

I was officially the happiest person on the planet… I worked so hard!! To finally make it to the NBA … I was on cloud 9.

Until the one day I walked into training camp with that grapefruit sized knee filled with fluid that had become normal to me.

I was forced to see the teams orthopedic. 

After an MRI the doctor told me that all of my cartilage was completely GONE and I would have to have surgery.

After the surgery I was never the same. 

I couldn’t get in a low enough position to play basketball because it felt like someone was stabbing me in the knee with a sharp knife.

Here's what happened immediately after...
  • The doc prescribed pain meds and anti inflammatory pills which I took on a regular basis.
  • The pills took the pain away for a little while but it would always return with a vengeance.
  • Then they gave me gel shots with a needle longer than the one that I used to get the fluid drawn with.
  • After taking pill after pill and getting shot after shot … the team thought it was best that I retire. 
I was devastated…. the dream that I’d worked so hard for was now GONE.

After being forced to retire due to my chronic knee pain… I would see 3 more doctors who claimed that they could help heal my condition.

But they only suggested the same options that the other docs gave me… pain meds, gel shots and shock treatment.

There was no way that I was going to sign up for another 6-8 inch needle being shoved into my knee
but I had to do something because the pain had become unbearable.

So I begin studying the joints… how they move, what makes them move and what protects them. This is when I learned that every joint in your body is protected by a particular set of muscles.

I also learned that each joint in the lower extremity is only designed to carry a particular amount of body weight.

This was a huge ah ha moment for me… I’d been carrying an overloaded amount of weight on my knees since I was 14 years old…. but I still didn’t know which particular muscles were in charge of protecting my knee.

So I hired one of... if not the best joint pain trainer in the Nation. 

I’m not going to mention his name because I’d have to pay him... and I’ve already paid him 140,000 dollars for teaching me all the secrets of healing the root cause of all joint pain.

This guy has worked with the number 1 ranked tennis player in the world, some of the top NFL quarterbacks, some of your favorite A list actors and many others.

From him I would learn how to unlock and release my joint protecting muscles…. He also taught me the importance of nutrition and how and when to take it.

And since day one of implementing everything that he’d taught me…..I’ve been completely pain free.
I just couldn’t believe that the solution was this simple. 

Heck I’d been doing everything backwards by taking pain meds, gel shots and even having surgery.

I’d always been taught that I should go to the doctor if I had a problem, but the fact is… the doctor was just as clueless as I was.

And I’d wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical bills and surgeries up to this point ...just to be given solutions that mask my problem instead of fixing the root cause of it.

While dealing with the so called medical professionals, I felt as if I was placed on a mouse wheel just to be stuck there going around and around.

Boy am I glad to get off that wheel!

It felt so good to be able to move again. 

I could jump without the stabbing pain. 

I could get into a low position again.

I started to do things that I hadn’t done since my teenage years.

It felt like the heavy weight that I’d been mentally carrying for so many years because of my pain was now gone. 

All thanks to the information from a guy who’s not a medical professional.
And after 4 years of retirement due to my chronic knee pain… I returned to the NBA and played a full season for the NY Knicks ….PAIN FREE.

If you’re clapping for me right now...thank you, because that was a highlight in my life.

Now that you’ve heard my story, I’m going to expose you to the secrets that will rid your knee & back pain today.

Let's start with the “Real Cause” of your pain. 

By understanding this … you’ll have a greater appreciation for the solution ...and it’ll be very simple to implement.

Every joint in your body has a particular combination lock. 

By learning the correct combination … you can release all pain and problems associated with that joint.

"Here are the 4 main reasons your suffering with knee and back pain."
Cause #1 Overcompensation

I can guarantee that your body is heavily overcompensated, meaning one side of your body is carrying more of your body weight than the other.

This is a problem because each joint is only designed to carry a particular amount of your body weight. 

Imagine a bridge that's leaning to one side….the beams holding the bridge up on the leaning side are now bearing more weight than they’re designed to.

Eventually the beams give out and break causing the bridge to collapse.

If you’ve been overcompensating… over time your lower extremity will act as the bridge and start to break down.

It makes no sense to mask the problem by giving the bridge a splint or placing some chemical on the cracked areas of the damaged beams. 

For the beams will never fully heal until the lean in the bridge is fixed.

Cause #2 Your On The Rim

Every last one of your joints have a protected layer that prevents damage to your
joints called cartilage, especially the joints that are in charge of carrying your body around like your knees, back and hip.

Your goal should be to place the least amount of pressure as possible on these areas to prevent the cartilage from wearing away. 

Once the cartilage is gone … it’s gone! .. you’re not getting anymore.

 When your cartilage starts to wear, you start to experience inflammation, pain and stiffness. Your mobility begins to suffer because of this.

I call this being “On The Rim”

For example: Image being in your car driving up the interstate with no tires... just the rim of the wheels. 

Think about how rough of a ride that would be. All the weight of that car pressed directly on the rims.

Eventually the rim is going to get very HOT and then the rim will begin to crack and eventually break.  

So again, why would you give this rim a shot or pain meds so it can’t feel the weight of the car but continues to tear itself up.

Why would you give this rim surgery just to have it continue riding on the road bearing the weight of the car? 

The fact is... the rim will never be fully healed until there's a tire on it.
Cause #3 Pelvic Positioning

Your pelvic area being in the correct position can be the difference between enormous amounts of lower back pain and not having pain at all.

When your pelvic area is rotated anteriorly, this places more pressure on your lower lumbar and forces your stomach and your butt to protrude more outward. 

For example: You may have heard older men say that they shrink as they get up in age. 

This is a false statement, the fact is that their pelvic is rotated anteriorly... forcing them to lose an inch or two in height. 

Women also claim that the older they get the bigger their backside gets. 

This is far from the truth as well…. the rotation of the pelvic in the incorrect position gives off this illusion.
Cause #4 Shortened Hamstrings

Your hamstrings are very important when it comes to pain in your knee or back.

Your hamstring is attached to your lower back and runs down the back or your legs and attaches to 3 different areas behind your knees.

If your in the car a lot or sitting at a desk most of the day, this can cause your hamstring to shorten which in turn can cause really bad knee and lower back pain.

For example: Imagine holding a bow and arrow. Pull the arrow back as far as you can and then fix it so it stays in that position.

The bow will suffer greatly over a period of time from this type of tension pulling on it.

Your knees and back will suffer the same way with tight hamstrings.

Everything that I’m exposing to you is backed by some of the top research schools and agencies across the nation.
Here’s what Dr. Ian J. Harrington, B.A.Sc., P. Eng.,M.D., F.R.C.S. , M.S., MSc had to say regarding overcompensation … published in a white paper for The Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
It is often claimed, for example, that a compensable back condition with acute sciatica has resulted in limping, which in turn has caused a tear of a knee meniscus. The opposite claim is also made; that a preexisting congenital or degenerative back disorder is aggravated by limping, secondary to a compensable knee injury such as a meniscal tear or post-traumatic chondromalacia of the patella.

Here’s a study on pelvic tilting published by the Life University Institutional Review Board
Posterior tilting of the pelvis has been recommended as an exercise for relief of LBP since at least as far back as the 1980s3, 4 and can still occasionally be found in patient education literature and Internet sites.most patients performing a pelvic tilt maneuver have found some pain relief, and many of those patients seemed to have mechanical LBP with a relatively uncomplicated, favorable response to conservative care.

As you can see, the information is out there and proven in pieces but I’m the first to create a system that's easy for you to implement.

The best solutions for anything is usually very hard to find and very guarded for the elite only, but I’m not one that operates that way. 

I believe that any and everyone who's experienced pain should have access to a solution that actually SOLVES the problem.

Until today, I’m sure you’ve been conditioned to use popular solutions like anti inflammatory pills, don’t get me wrong they will help with swelling ….but have you ever asked yourself this question…. why did my body send the swelling in the first place.

Anti inflammatory pills cannot fix the root cause, and consuming them on a daily basis like candy will just cause unwanted problems.

You’ve also taken pain meds which temporarily blocks the pain signal. The problem with this is that pain is there to verify something is wrong.

When you block the signal without fixing the root cause…. you don’t feel the pain but you continue to tear up the joint. 

Plus pain pills are terrible for your organs, most people become addicted to them and they’re an ongoing expense.

And how about that dreaded surgery! 

Now don’t misquote me… surgery is a must for conditions like fractures and torn muscles but for the most part nearly 80% of knee and back surgeries could have been prevented.

By activating the correct joint combination, you could literally save thousands if not hundreds of thousands on future surgeries and regain your full mobility.

Now that you understand the root cause of your knee and back pain….it’s time that I reveal the solutions.
Earlier in this presentation I mentioned the 4 main things that cause knee, back and hip pain. I’ll address the solution to each problem in order.

 Over Compensation:

This is a dangerous condition that can easily be the corporate for your pain.
In order to combat overcompensation you must get your body back to its natural neutral position. 

Both sides of your body must be evenly strong ...meaning no one side is stronger than there other.

To do this you have to be aware of your movements throughout the day.

Your everyday movements have placed you in your current situation. 

For instance, If you climb stairs using your right foot for the first step everytime...switch up and use your left.

Because you’ve spent years climbing stairs using that foot first, that side has experienced more climbs than the other and therefore making it stronger.

Every movement you make throughout the day ….make sure to even up with the other side. 

I know this may sound like a lot but don’t worry my system will do everything for you.

 You’re On The Rim

You’re also experiencing back or knee pain because you’re on the rim, meaning you’re walking directly on your joints…. just like the car riding on the rims with no tires.

This is why you’re pain increases when you walk or stand up. 

To combat this you must activate your joint protecting muscles so that you’re body weight can sit on your muscles rather than your joints.

Just like putting tires on the car rims will save the rim…. Engaging the correct muscles will save your joints and instantly decrease the pain you’re currently experiencing.

 Pelvic Positioning

The main reason you’re lower back is in so much pain could be the position of your pelvic. 

Learning to place your body into a perfect posterior pelvic tilt can be challenging but once you get it, you’ll feel an instant relief of pressure on your lower lumber...in turn this relieves pain from the lower back.

I guarantee you that my system will place you in a perfect pelvic tilt with no effort of your own.

 Pelvic Positioning

The main reason you’re lower back is in so much pain could be the position of your pelvic. 

Learning to place your body into a perfect posterior pelvic tilt can be challenging but once you get it, you’ll feel an instant relief of pressure on your lower lumber...in turn this relieves pain from the lower back.

I guarantee you that my system will place you in a perfect pelvic tilt with no effort of your own.

 Shortened Hamstrings

Shortened hamstrings cause back and knee problems by pulling on both ends.

To combat this I have a special stretch that releases the hamstring, instantly reducing any pain in the lower back and the knee.

First you must warm up by walking in place for 3-5 minutes. 

Once you’re warm place your foot on a platform that’s up to your belly in height. 

This may seem high but it’s necessary.

Stand as straight as you can keeping your back straight. 

Put a slight bend in your knee and move your chest slowly towards your knee until you feel a pull close to your butt under your leg.

Hold that position and breath deep for 25 seconds. Do not bounce just hold it. 

Do this 3 times at least to release the hamstring. You’ll feel an instant pain reduction.
All 4 of those solutions are a part of the combination that will unlock your joints so you can live pain free.
Remember, the only way to totally fix your joint pain is to fix the root cause. 

Prevent overcompensation, make sure you’re not overloading your joints, practice the correct pelvic positioning and being sure that your hamstrings are healthy are all very important elements to riding your pain forever.

I know this may sound like a lot of stuff to learn so...

"I’ve created a solution that will perform all of these combinations for you with no effort of your own".
That special solution is called the JBIT MedPro Joint Relief System.
Ya see after I was forced to retire from the NBA due to chronic knee pain.

I took everything I’d learned from the world renown joint pain guru that I paid $140,000 dollars for... and dropped another $57,000 dollars on prototypes for a device I developed with the help of Purdue University that performs all of the joint combinations for you.

Professor Eric Nauman from Purdue University agreed to do a Full Biomechanical Analysis for me and was totally blown away.
Here's what professor Nauman had to say: 
The JBIT MedPro is completely counterintuitive. At first examination,
it would appear to put more force across the knees, but because of the way it’s engineered, it actually takes pressure off the knees by evening out the load
and making the legs work the way they’re supposed to work.
[ Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University ]

I also had a Gait Analysis Report done by Indiana University.
The purpose of this Gait Study was to examine possible differences or changes in basic Temporal-Spatial parameters, Joint Kinematics, Joint and Ground Reaction Forces (GRF), EMG (Muscle activation), and Joint 
Moments walking with and without the JBIT MedPro.

Jeff W Frame, MS
Coordinator of Motion Analysis
Neurorehabilitation and Robotics at the IU Health Neuroscience Center
I had 500 prototypes made and gave them to trainers, therapist and people who were suffering with knee, back pain, sciatica, ms, cp and other mobility issues.

Everyone came back to me with the same story...their pain was reduced within the first 5 minutes of wearing the JBIT. 

At first I thought it was a fluke and they were saying this because they liked me.

This thought was quickly erased when people started to offer me up to $500 for a prototype device with duct tape on it.

"I used the JBIT MedPro to totally rid my knee pain. In fact I was able to Make an NBA comeback because of it".
Since then I’ve helped over 5,000 people greatly reduce and often times totally rid their knee and back pain, sciatica pain and increase their mobility literally within their first 27 steps.
The JBIT MedPro has helped so many people rid pain in record time that major publications begin calling.

The JBIT MedPro has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, TNT and more.

My ex teammate Reggie Miller who now works for TNT even flew down to do a special interview about the JBIT.

I'm not trying to brag on everything the device has done, I just want you to understand that to totally heal your problem… it’s hard to do on your own.

It’s very hard to perform all of the joint combinations necessary to totally heal yourself... and the big boys in medicine that’s selling you the pain pills know this.

This is why they’re watching me till this day.

I’ve even been forced out of some of the top physical therapy clinics in the nation after they actually signed up to sell my product.

The problem was ...we were getting patients better on the first day which is what I figured they wanted.  

Boy was I wrong… I quickly learned that If patients are getting better with my device on day one and they don’t come back to the clinic... then the clinic loses money.

They actually want you there for at least a month so they can bill your insurance more.

I made a promise to myself and my company that no doctor or physical therapy clinic will ever stop me from sharing this miracle device with the people who are walking with the same pain that I used to walk with.
So, here's how the device will start to fix the root cause of your condition literally within the first 27 steps.
Ya see... the body was designed to heal itself and it’s our job to help this healing process happen. 

The only way to keep your body weight off your joints is to engage the correct muscles on a regular basis.

The JBIT MedPro performs all of the muscle engagement for you while instantly eliminating pressure on your joints. 

It’s like wearing your own personal therapy pool.

And because healing the root cause of your joint pain can be very complex… I’ve designed the JBIT MedPro to do all of the work for you.. So there’s nothing for you to do but just put it on and walk.

Yep, you heard that right… just put on the JBIT MedPro and go about your normal daily activities.

And...within the first 27 steps you’ll experience your pain decrease in your knees, back and hips by at least 50% or more.

This is not a masking….the JBIT MedPro will begin correcting the root cause of your pain so you don’t have to waste money on temporary fixes like pain meds, shock treatment or surgery.

We receive hundreds of emails from our end users every week telling us how much they love the JBIT MedPro and that they hate to take it off.

Many of our end users wear the device while doing house chores, walking the dog, while grocery shopping at the store… and even while doing activities with their kids and grandkids.

Many of them even where it under their clothes at work and other places like church, conferences... and even on planes.

Imagine yourself doing all of those things without the joint pain you’re currently experiencing.

Oh and did I mention that the JBIT MedPro is a one-size fits all device and works with people of all ages?

The only other products that deliver half of what the JBIT can would be the Zero G Treadmill ...which will run you between 50-100 thousands dollars and it only removes pressure, so you don’t get the total fix which is muscle engagement.

Or how about a therapy pool, which will cost you at least 10-25k, but again ...it can reduce pressure but it doesn’t engage muscle.

Neither the treadmill or the pool are affordable and you can’t travel with them.

If you’re having a hard time believing what I’m telling you … then don’t take my word for it. Listen to what our end users have to say:


Before using the JBIT MedPro, I could barely walk for 5 minutes without terrible pain.  

With the JBIT I immediately experienced ZERO pain and I can now walk for longer distances. AWESOME!!

John Coolidge

I haven't been able to get up and down stairs in years because of my knee pain. But when I put the JBIT on, literally within a few steps i'm immediately pain free. 

I'm also able to get up and down stairs with no problem at all and my mobility has improved dramatically!


I've suffered from sciatica for years and I've tried everything under the son to get rid of it with no found luck at all.
The first day of wearing the JBIT my sciatica decreased dramatically with in the first 10-15 minutes which was amazing for me.

I really hate to take it off because I love the way it feels and it keeps me pain free.
The big medical companies have been trying to prevent me from sharing this miracle device with you and I’m not sure how much longer I can hold them off.

Any other device on the market that provides just one of the many benefits the JBIT MedPro provides will cost you 10,000 to 100,000 dollars.

The JBIT MedPro will save you tons money and pain… and give you your quality of life back. 

The JBIT Medpro is normally priced at over $500 dollars.

But I’m not going to make you pay that price today. 

You won’t even pay $400.

Because you took the time to educate yourself by listening to this presentation I’m going to give you a special one-time only price of just $197 today.

Our inventory is flying off the shelf and once we run out it takes at least a month to get more in so I can’t guarantee you that well have any later.
So take action now by clicking the ADD TO CART BUTTON located below this presentation.

You have nothing to lose here and everything to gain.

For ordering today I’m including 4 special bonuses:

Bonus #1 JBIT MedPro Parts Check & Assemble Guide

This video guide walks you through the exact way to assemble your device. Your walked through a checklist to make sure all of your contents are in your package as well.

After everything is checked you’re then shown how to put the device on correctly for maximum benefit.

We decided to add this special bonus so you can get your JBIT assembled and so you can start experiencing less pain as soon as possible.

Bonus# 2 Utilizing Your Accessories 

This video series shows you how to utilize your stretching bands for maximum benefit. these bands can be used to stretch the hamstring and other muscles while sitting in a chair or even lying in a bed.

Your taught how to utilize your arm bands and handles for combating shoulder pain as well. Using internal and external rotation movements you can strengthen a strained shoulder back to good health.

Bonus# 3 What To Do With The JBIT

This bonus shows you exactly what to do with the device. The JBIT adapts to natural movement so whatever you do , it’s always working.

Bonus # 4 How JBIT Helps Back, Knee, Sciatica Pain & Weight Loss

In this bonus you’re shown exactly how the device works for back, knee, sciatica pain & weight loss. I explain the exact functions that give you that weightless feeling that pulls the pressure from your lower extremity.

If you’ve ever experienced sciatica pain, I’m sure you know that it’s no joke. In this bonus I show you how the JBIT can stop sciatica pain in its tracks.

I also walk you through how the device works for losing tons of weight in less time.

To make this a no brainer for you I’ve added a full 90 day money back guarantee.
This means that if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the JBIT MedPro ...any reason at all, even if you hate the smell of it…. you can return it within 90 days and we’ll give you every penny of your money back.. no questions asked.

All I ask is that you use the device...it can't work if you don’t use it.

So, go ahead CLICK the ADD TO CART BUTTON below this presentation and get your JBIT Shipped to you for just $197 today.

You have two choices… you can continue on suffering and taking pills to mask your problem or you can take action and change your life forever: 

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How much does the product cost?
The JBIT MedPro comes to you for a low holiday special price of just $197 dollars.

How can I reach customer support?

You can dial 888-224-6160 or email support@soloprehab.com
How can the JBIT MedPro help me?
The JBIT MedPro helps to relieve back pain, knee, hip, joint, shoulder and sciatica pain, strengthen the core and upper and lower extremity muscles, helps with balance to prevent falls, improves posture, promotes weight loss and increases mobility. 
Who can use the JBIT MedPro?
The JBIT MedPro is designed for individuals of any age. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program. 
How long will it take to see results?
Most of our users experience immediate results just by simply wearing the device. Keep using the device and you will see an amazing improvement in your physical condition and overall health. 
What's your return policy?
We offer a 90-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your device, you may return it within 90 days of receipt of delivery along with a request to receive a refund. 
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